by fire and sword

  • Film
  • Interactive

War in the Niagara Theatre 1812-1814

By Fire and Sword focused on the Niagara region’s vital role in The War of 1812. Working jointly with the curators at the Buffalo History Museum, an interactive application was developed along with various live-action scenes to enhance the physical content of the exhibit. More than 30 historians, consultants, technicians and actors participated exhibit, which ran for nine months and was the museum’s most modern and interactive exhibit to date.

By Fire and Sword
  • By Fire and Sword
  • By Fire and Sword
  • By Fire and Sword
  • Role

    Art Director / Associate Producer

  • Client

    Buffalo History Museum

  • Cinematographer / Software Developer

    Erik Taheri

  • 3D Character Designer
    Brian Russ
  • 2D Designer

    Steve Lakomski

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